Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Thank you everyone for all your support.  With USA in the Final and Canada in the 3rd place match there is no possibility for you to see us again on the field at the Olympic Games. We've loved every minute of the games and we owe a large part of that to your support.  A special thanks to Official Sports International for their assistance in making this experience extra wonderful.

Although we are disappointed, we can't wait to see USA go for gold this coming Thursday.  Please throw all your support behind Team USA.

See you back in the states:  Kari, Veronica & Marlene.


  1. Thank you for keeping us posted and I enjoyed reading about your experiences. Wish we could see you work again, but it's the next best thing watching our team play. Safe travels home.

  2. Thanks very much for taking the time to blog about your experiences at the Games. I thought everyone did a great job and was very proud of the way you represented the USA and USSF.

    If you are able to get a message to Christiana Pedersen, please let her know that there are referees out here that know she handled the "controversial" moments of CAN-USA correctly. I run a ref blog and my entries on CAN-USA (complete with freeze frames proving that she did, in fact, warn the CAN GK at least 2x about delay) have been the most visited posts since I started blogging. It is extremely frustrating to see her vilified in the media, so I can only imagine how hard it must be for her. Please pass on the fact that my post has gotten nearly 100 likes on Facebook as a show of support for her.


  3. Thanks for keeping us updated, I really enjoyed reading this blog! You guys all did great in the tournament! Hope to see you guys referee again soon!

  4. Kari, Veronica,Marlene
    It is ironic that because our women's teams form U.S and Canada played so well, the world was denied the chance to see yet another top ranked team. That of course would be the three of you. Thank you yet again for showing what excellence in officiating is.
    Ron Marfil